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All About Google Tactics

By: Andrew Carr - Updated: 21 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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So what do we mean when we talk about Google tactics? Well, we all know that Google is a multi billion pound concern, and they are the number one search engine on the Internet. Apparently they are also one of the leading, if not the leading advertising medium on the net.

If you look at Google today you will see that they have progressed from simply being a search engine. If you want to verify this for yourself, simply log on to the Google home page and see for yourself. All you can see is a box to enter your search criteria right? Well most of us only use Google for the purpose of sifting out and looking for web pages, but what about all the other little gems provided for our us on the page?

Just Look At What's On Offer!

A search for web pages of our choice based on certain key words is one thing but what about the other choices available? Let's take a look, from looking at Google's home page right now we can see that you can:

  • Search for text on web pages.
  • Search for images based on the text you can type in.
  • Search maps based on the criteria you type in.
  • Search news for any items of interest.
  • Search for products via the "shopping" link.
  • Log on to your Google mail if you have an account.
and that's before you even click on the "more" option which allows you to search or use at least another ten to twenty products all provided completely free by Google!

No Need for a laptop, Just Log on to Google Documents on any Computer!

Let's demonstrate how useful Google can be to us by looking at some of their products. If you need to type up a document on the move for instance, you don't necessarily need to take your laptop with you. All you need to do is find any computer with an Internet connection, log on to your Google docs account and away you go!

This is also a great alternative should you need to charge up your laptop and you are not near a power point! Sometimes power points are elusive, especially in cafes and bars. They may provide you with free wireless Internet but can you ever find a plug if your laptop battery is spent?

In order to finish a document or record something all you need to do is find an Internet cafe or library and log on to their system, log into Google docs and work away! No laptop needed. Google documents also offers spreadsheets and presentations. Any documents saved on Google docs can be exported to many formats, including Microsoft Office.

Check Out iGoogle

Google offer so many free products that whole books have been written on their services. Google docs and the search services mentioned above are only a few of the offerings available. Since 2007, Google have also released iGoogle, which is a personal Google service. If you have a google account you can tailor your experience of Google in a number of ways. One of these is the ability to add gadgets to your home page and there are many useful gadgets, under games, business, pleasure and links to other Google services.

Google Advertising.

Google may be offering a vast number of free services, but that does not mean they are not making any money. Far from it, they are a billionaire operation. Google make money from their advertising services, such as Adwords services and "Pay per click". They also provide business owners with a number of services designed to generate additional revenue for free, such as "Adsense".

What happens is when someone types in keywords on a business owners website, relevant google ads (known as sponsored ads) appear on the webpage of the sponsoring business. Google and the site owner make money when someone clicks on one of adds. The person who places the ad may benefit from a prospective sale. Potentially, everyone could make money from the scheme, but the bottom line is Google and the sponsoring website owner definitely do, at the click of a button!

The downside to this for a sponsoring business is that searches on the website may well lead to ads which point to rival websites, and in all likelyhood this will be the case. So when a potential customer clicks on an add they are navigated away from the original website, and a potential sale could be lost to a rival, even though they will gain a small amount of revenue by one of the ads being clicked.

Google are one of the largest advertising mediums on the Internet, and their rivals simply cannot keep up. This is what we mean by Google tactics, in that their strategies and ideas are keeping them at the forefront of search engines and advertising on the web.

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